Secrets of a Small Business Owner Who Got His Story on Top News Sites

News feed on newspaper, tablet and mobile phone on desk
Hint: He DIDN’T hire a top PR firm for $10,000+ per month.
Let’s face it … good PR is fantastic for your business. But what if a journalist doesn’t believe that your story is worthy of news coverage?
Or, worst of all, what if you land an interview with a journalist who writes a not-so-flattering article about your business?
I know how some of those PR pitches go. I was a journalist.
Now, you can place YOUR STORY on TOP NEWS OUTLETS.
That’s right …
I’m not talking about those pesky promotions at the very bottom of news articles.
Your story can be placed among the first few articles of news sites, and it can be hosted on the newspaper's website just like an editorial.
The biggest secret?
It’s affordable to businesses of all sizes. You don’t have to run a multi-million dollar business to tell your story alongside our nation’s largest brands.
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Austin Yack

Austin is the CEO & Founder of Ascendyn. He uses direct response copywriting techniques as a way to increase the ROI of his clients.

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