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Search Engine Advertising Services

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When customers are looking for a new business, where are they most likely to go? The internet! 

Over a third of consumers search online for local businesses multiple times a week. Wouldn’t it be great if your business got a prominent placement in their search results?

That’s where search engine advertising comes in. These strategic campaigns target the internet users most relevant to your brand. And it can meet them in an ideal situation—when they are actively searching for your products and services.

The Benefits of Search Engine Ads

There are many benefits of search engine ads that make them a vital part of your advertising strategy.

  • Targeting allows you to more effectively reach your ideal market
  • Retargeting can remind your previous site visitors to return for another look
  • The pay-per-click pricing strategy mitigates financial risk

Campaigns can be expertly optimized and scaled for the best results

With a promising return on your advertising investment and measurable results, search engine campaigns can help garner growth and increase brand awareness.

Who Can I Target with Search Engine Ads?

With 91 percent of adults utilizing search engines, the short answer is, nearly everyone! No matter what your target market is, they are almost undoubtedly using sites like Google and Bing to seek information. 

If you are looking to grow your business locally or in a specific service area, search engine ads can be a huge win. They are able to be targeted to a geographical radius, allowing you to pinpoint your audience. 

Users of all ages, income levels, and other demographics use search engines in their daily lives. Your search engine ads allow your brand to reach them when it matters most.

Where Will My Search Engine Ads Be Placed?

Our strategic approach gives your ads the most optimal placement. We are experts in both Google and Bing advertising. This multi-faceted approach allows you to tap into the audiences on both of these popular search engines. 

Your text ads will give you prime placement in the search results of users. The vast majority of search engine users never even check out the second page of results. So, landing your brand at the top of the first page with paid ads can help achieve the traffic you’re aiming for.

It often takes consumers multiple website visits before making a purchase decision. Remarketing ads are used to target users that have interacted with your website in the past. A user is ten times more likely to click on these retargeted ads than a typical display ad. This can pay off in increased conversion and sales.

How Do I Get Started with a Search Engine Ad Campaign?

It’s simple! Set up a free strategy session where we’ll discuss an individualized plan for your brand. Using your past results and future goals, we’ll craft a campaign plan that’s results-driven and measurable. Contact us today to learn more about our search engine ad services and how we can meet your other advertising needs. 


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