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Online Review Management Services

When a customer is happy about a product or service, they are more likely to tell their friends and family about it.


The same is true when a customer is dissatisfied with a company or brand. 


But online reviews mean that those customers have the ability to not only tell their close circle about their experience … they have the power to tell the entire internet!

stat showing importance of review management

See, you simply can’t thrive as a business online without stellar reviews and a well-managed reputation.


And a few nice reviews here and there just isn’t going to cut it.


You need to be consistently racking up glowing reviews from your happy customers to build up your reputation and grow your business.


You need to receive as many positive reviews as possible to bolster the growth of your business.


But how are you supposed to do that while you’re busy running a company?


Well, that’s where we come in. 


Our Review Management Services are exactly what your brand needs to create an impressive online reputation and ascend to the next level. 

Why do I need a review management service?

Your online reputation can make or break your brand. Most customers hop on the internet and look at the experiences others have had with your brand as one of the first steps of brand consideration. These potential customers often gain their first impression of your brand from these reviews before you even get the chance to interact with them.


You can invest in developing innovative products and services, top-notch customer service, and a robust marketing plan. However, if you lack in the online reputation department, many customers might not be willing to give your brand a chance. Plus, the best way for your audience to buy into your amazing company is by hearing how great it is from others. 


This principle doesn’t just mean that you should allocate budgetary funds to a review management service—it means that it might be one of the most important investments that you can make.


Creating a stellar online reputation is vital in today’s business world. Neglecting yours and letting poor reviews pile up can be a huge barrier to success. Give your business a firm foundation for its online reputation by consistently using an online review management service.

Online reviews build trust in your brand

Your online review pages are a chance to build authenticity and trust in your brand. Customers want to know that a business is reliable and truly cares about its customers. This is especially true if you provide a vital service or sell products customers see as an investment. They want to know that others have had real, positive experiences before taking a chance on your brand. 


79 percent of buyers trust the online reviews of a business just as much as personal recommendations. (Oberlo) Your reviews are a chance to gain the feedback of real customers and show future ones why you’re a business they should trust with their hard-earned cash. With a review management service, you can solicit more of these reviews to exponentially build trust.

Your customer reviews impact your search results

In a business world driven by search engines, where your business ranks in search results can be a major indicator of success. Things like your site performance and distance from searchers can all impact your placement in results. However, your online reviews can also be a big driver of where you land. 


In fact, your reviews are the fifth most influential factor in where the Google search algorithms place your business in results. (Moz) So securing an awesome online reputation not only gives your audience a better first impression, it may be what allows them to even find you in the first place. 

Customer reviews allow you to identify strengths and weaknesses

The more feedback you receive, the more you’ll know about your customers’ interactions with your brand. This is some of the most valuable information that you can gain when it comes to product and service development and training your sales and service teams. A review management service can help you receive a higher number of reviews—and more information to improve your business.


What do your customers consistently rave about? Enhance these aspects of your brand and focus your marketing to highlight these strengths.


What are the areas of opportunity that cause you to not quite earn four stars? There might be small complaints consistently noted even in positive reviews. Look for ways to close these gaps and provide your customers with a full-faceted stellar experience. 

What are the benefits of using a review management service?

Utilizing a review management service is a time-saver to help you manage your brand and grow your business. The many benefits include:


Streamline review solicitation: Don’t waste time manually reaching out to customers for reviews or trying to remember to request them. Our service takes care of those tasks.


Take the guesswork out of review management: You’ll receive alerts when customers leave reviews, giving you the option to respond and follow up promptly.


Avoid bad reviews: Our system directs customers that provide poor feedback to an internal form where they can submit their complaints. This gives you a chance to remedy the situation while keeping their bad review off your public page.


Analyze trends and data: With detailed reports, you can identify trends and highlight specific areas of your business that are mentioned in your reviews. This will allow you to enhance your products and services, creating even happier customers.

So, how does it all work?

how the online review management process works

Review management can be broken down into three basic steps.

Soliciting reviews
Managing poor reviews
Marketing positive reviews
Each of these steps is important in creating a solid online reputation that helps you gain new customers and earn repeat ones.


With Ascendyn’s Review Management Services, these tasks are automated so you can focus on running your business and know that enhancing your online reputation is in good hands.

1. Review Solicitation

Collecting reviews can be a challenge.


However, about 71% of customers will leave a review if they were simply asked to. (Search Engine Land) So, in order to collect these amazing reviews, all you need to do is solicit them right?


But reaching out and soliciting reviews can be a time-consuming process. And how do you sort through the good reviews and resolve the not-so-great ones?


Ascendyn has a system that has your back.


We can easily automate an email or text to customers to ask for their feedback regarding their interaction with your business.


This non-intrusive way asks for their feedback in a kind, welcoming way that shows that you value their opinions. Showing customers that their experiences matter is a great way to retain their future business.


Then, they will be seamlessly transitioned to your chosen review platform and leave their review. They can opt to simply select a star rating or leave a long summary of their interaction with your brand.


Making this as easy as possible takes your customer service a step further and increases the chances that they will respond. Many times, customers say they meant to leave a review of a business but don’t for three common reasons:


They didn’t even think to provide feedback
They forgot to leave a review
Leaving a review seems too difficult or time-consuming
Our gentle request for a review and customizable reminder might just be the nudge they need to leave praise for your business. Plus, with custom automation, we can be sure to create a review request plan that makes sense for your customer base.

2. Managing Reviews

Responding to Positive Reviews

The next step in the process is managing your reviews. You’ll get an alert whenever your business receives a review.


This allows you to promptly respond to this feedback and show your customer that you’re paying attention, going a long way to secure repeat business.

Managing Poor Feedback

But what happens when you come across the occasional unhappy customer? Not everyone will be overjoyed with your brand. And, some customers are just impossible to turn into satisfied ones.


The trick here is how you handle negative reviews and resolve the issue that made them unhappy in the first place.


Our review funnel system creates an option where these customers can file an internal complaint privately, rather than posting a public lashing of your reputation. This form will provide you and your team with all of the information you need to rectify the situation and create a happy customer again.


Then, you have the opportunity to turn the situation around and create a satisfied customer that will leave you an awesome future review.

3. Marketing Positive Reviews

Now that we have collected all of these reviews praising the quality and service that you provide, it’s time to share them with the world.


Sure, potential customers might seek them out and read them on their own. But we prefer to take sharing your reviews one step further.


Your carefully curated reviews deserve to be front and center on your website. We’ll create a live stream of your reviews right on your page. Visitors to your site will see a rotating stream filled with great things that customers have to say about your business.


Then, we’ll help you harness the power of social media and let the Facebook world know about the awesome feedback you’ve received. The focus will be on being genuine, authentic, and sharing reviews in a way that makes users understand that they are reading honest feedback.


63.6% of customers check Google for reviews of a business. (Review 42) That makes maintaining and monitoring your Google My Business pages incredibly important. We’ll help you use your Google My Business page to earn and share even more reviews.


We do this by designing a sales funnel that targets a subset of buyers. This sales funnel will lead them right to your Google My Business page where they can check out what other customers have to say. Once there, they can also leave a review of their own.


Our review management portal streamlines online reputation building

What if there was a way that you could streamline monitoring your reviews and responding to them across all of the online platforms?


Well, guess what! There is!


Our Review Management Portal is the perfect solution for doing just that.


Over half of customers expect a response to their online reviews within a week. (Oberlo) Having a way to monitor your reviews ensures that none slip through the cracks. Replying to their feedback is important for building engagement and establishing loyalty. A simple thank you for their business can show that you took the time to appreciate them as a customer. Fortunately, our service alerts you when a review is posted so you can promptly reply and show your customers how attentive you are.


Should a negative review happen to make it to your page, our monitoring service alerts allow you to address it quickly. Respond to the review with a detailed solution to their grievance.

This shows that you are ready to fix the issue to retain their business. It also shows potential customers that you are browsing your reviews and are proactive and solution-driven.


You’ll have 24/7 access to this easy-to-use portal, giving you a simple way to keep tabs on your review. The convenient tool saves time and allows you to either keep a close watch on your reviews or let the automated features take care of your review management.

Using a Review Management Service to Build and Secure Your Online Reputation

It’s no secret that reviews are extremely important.


Managing them is a challenge for many businesses.


However, for many customers, your reviews are the differentiating factor between you and your competition.


Our services can help you solicit, market, and monitor your online reviews. We can help you earn more positive reviews and avoid negative ones by handling customer issues privately. You’ll be able to show off your awesome reviews on your website and on your Facebook page.


Running a business can be tough. Growing one and beating out the competition can be even tougher.


Let us be your partner in managing your online reputation so that you can focus on the sales growth you are striving for.


We’d love to chat with you about our process and what it could mean for your business.


By scheduling a free strategy session and demo, we can dive deeper into these services and what we think could really boost your brand.


Plus, this half-hour consultation is full of valuable information for you to keep with absolutely no obligation.


We can’t wait to meet your brand!


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