How to Stop Google Search Advertisers From Stealing Your Business Without Spending a Fortune

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The biggest complaint I hear from clients is that their competitors are STEALING their business through Google Ads.
Customers search their business’s name, click on the first search result, and that “result” was a competitor’s ad ...
“How can someone advertise on our brand name and get away with it?”
“I got a bad review on Yelp because someone THOUGHT they hired us, but they actually hired our competitors!”
Sound like you?
If someone is hijacking your business’s stellar online reputation to earn more clients, here’s what you should do:
--Run your own ad so you appear ABOVE theirs … plus, it won’t cost very much. Every search phrase is priced differently, and chances are your brand name will be cheap to advertise on.
--Create a stellar Google My Business profile so your company stands out in the search results. You want your prospective clients to know that they hired the business they WANTED to hire.
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Austin Yack

Austin is the CEO & Founder of Ascendyn. He uses direct response copywriting techniques as a way to increase the ROI of his clients.

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