“Digital Advertising Is a Rip-Off!”

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You tried digital advertising on your own.
You failed miserably.
And now you maintain the notion that ALL digital advertising is one big waste of money.
I had one prospect … a local business … tell me that (1) digital ads are a waste, and (2) it makes no sense to hire a consultant when they do decide to run ads.
… her local business in the U.S. was unknowingly running ads in Germany.
Did you know that Big Tech companies like Google REWARD advertisers who actually know what they are doing?
They’d rather give the advertiser who wrote a fantastic ad a DISCOUNT because they know that, in turn, Big Tech looks good too.
If you tried digital ads by throwing up an ad on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, you name it … and you thought you knew what you were doing but actually didn’t … you got punished.
How did you get punished?
You paid more. For nothing.
It’s the same philosophy behind hiring a financial advisor to manage your stock portfolio! The market punishes those who have no idea what they are doing, all while rewarding those who do.
Wouldn’t you rather give a percentage of your profit to a professional rather than risk your savings on a few risky trades?
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Austin Yack

Austin is the CEO & Founder of Ascendyn. He uses direct response copywriting techniques as a way to increase the ROI of his clients.

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