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Digital Advertising Plan
You tried digital advertising on your own. You failed miserably. And now you maintain the notion that ALL digital advertising is one big waste of money.

Business Meeting
Believe it or not, turning your business into a household name ISN’T that hard.

So often, I see business owners spend their entire ad budget on one marketing channel … one radio show, one newspaper, or one magazine … and then scratch their heads when prospects have never heard of them.
Businessmen Shaking Hands
If you’re like most people, then you use Google when you’re looking to buy a product or service. You might Google looking for accountants, house cleaners, plumbers, real estate agents, restaurants, & more.

My clients love to advertise on Google because the ads are intent-based. The goal? Make sure your ad appears at the very moment someone is ready to purchase your product or service!
Company Meeting
Stop trying to copy the communication strategies of major brands.

You’re not Nike … Apple … Uber … or any other enormous brand that pops into your head.

Most people believe that if major corporations are implementing a specific strategy, then surely it must be the best for their business too.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.
Newspapers and magazines
Hint: He DIDN’T hire a top PR firm for $10,000+ per month.

Let’s face it … good PR is fantastic for your business. But what if a journalist doesn’t believe that your story is worthy of news coverage?

Or, worst of all, what if you land an interview with a journalist who writes a not-so-flattering article about your business?

Sales Funnels
Do NOT write an ad with a specific offer and point it to your business’s homepage.

Think I’m crazy? Next time you Google a product or service and click on that enticing ad at the top with a hard-to-resist offer … only to be led to a random homepage that leaves you searching for your offer … note what happens next.

You click the “back” button.

Every time.
Direct Response Copywriting
Have you ever read an ad and thought to yourself, “what the heck did I just read?”

The ad was incoherent.

You had to re-read sentences because of grammatical errors.

And yet, those same businesses think they are doing a fantastic job in the marketing department … all while seeing ZERO results.
Online Reviews
Yes, it’s true. People write reviews on Yellow Pages, City Search, Four Square, and other review platforms.

Do you know your business’s overall online reputation … is it 3.2 stars? 4.5 stars? 5 stars?

Chances are you probably don’t know.

I’ve found that most business owners know their rating on Google and Yelp, and that’s it!
The biggest complaint I hear from clients is that their competitors are STEALING their business through Google Ads.

Customers search their business’s name, click on the first search result, and that “result” was a competitor’s ad ...

“How can someone advertise on our brand name and get away with it?”

“I got a bad review on Yelp because someone THOUGHT they hired us, but they actually hired our competitors!”

Sound like you?
Negative Customer Reviews
My clients hate disputing negative online reviews with Big Tech.

They say Google & the other major review players always take so long to respond … always side with the consumer … always waste everyone’s time.

My answer?

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