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An Innovative Communications Consultancy

Strategic Recognition in the Digital Age — It’s What We Do.

Ascendyn is an innovative communications consulting firm based in New York City. Our mission statement is found right in our name: “ascend” fused with “dyn.” Power, the meaning of “dyn,” comes from your voice. Furthermore, we want to be your strategic partner that ascends your voice into the spotlight.

Ascendyn is different. Sure, we specialize in native advertising and offer similar communications services to that of our competitors. We aren’t different because of what we offer. We are different because of how we execute our offerings.

A writer at heart, Ascendyn CEO Austin Yack has built a consultancy that prioritizes the quality of the messaging. We make your voice heard because your voice is powerful. Are you ready to ascend into the spotlight?

Our Divisions

Ascendyn Digital

For Small Businesses

Ascendyn’s business communications division partners with small businesses aspiring to increase their ROI. We specialize in search engine advertising but offer an array of services — from review management to remarketing — to help promote your business.

Ascendyn Strategies

For Political Organizations

Ascendyn’s political communications division partners with advocacy groups, political leaders, and those aspiring to manifest societal influence. We specialize in native advertising (specifically branded content advertising) but offer an array of services to help promote your message.

Our Services

Ascendyn specializes in native advertising, which according to Sharethrough, is “a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.” In other words, your advertisement feels like an article or post on the website that it appears. Think about Facebook ads. Do they look and feel like a friend’s post in your feed as you scroll down? Apply that methodology on a grander scale to include news outlets, blogs, and more.

Our clients receive custom proposals designed to maximize their Return on Investment. Do you want an advertisement placed on a news outlet’s website in a way that looks and feels like a news article? Or are you looking to sell a product or service and want to advertise on the Google Search Network so your advertisement looks and feels like a top search result? Whatever your campaign goal is, we have the solution for you.



Branded Content Advertising

Native Display Advertising

Search Engine Advertising

Social Media Advertising



Professional Copywriting

Sales Funnels

Landing Pages

Graphic Design

Message Development

Reputation Management

Online Review Marketing

Media Placement

Media Relations

Strategic Communications

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Austin Yack

CEO & Founder

Austin is the CEO & Founder of Ascendyn. In addition to being a communications specialist, Austin is a journalist. He has archived articles with National ReviewWashington Examiner, and The Hill Newspaper, to name a few. Austin formerly served as National Review‘s Senior Content Manager and William F. Buckley Fellow. In 2018, he made Washington Examiner’s 30 Under 30 List for his work at Ascendyn Strategies and news outlets.

Finally, Austin uses Native Advertising as a way to increase the ROI of his clients. He is certified in Google Ads, Google Analytics, Social Marketing, and more.

To learn more about Austin, head over to his personal website:

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